Presentation of the Chihuahua species:

The Chihuahua is the smallest size of all dog of the world.
    Their weight is differs between 0.5 and 3kg., but the average dog’s weight is situated between 1 and 2kg.
    The small body possesses a big and friendly heart, a high intelligence and the possibility to learn fast. Many people see this little dog as having a rather aggressive and loud behavior, in reality this is quite untrue; they are brave and temperamental dogs. When confronted with strangers many Chihuahuas are distrustful and need some time to show their friendly character.
    Their loud barking gives people a confusing impression when seeing the little doggies, while most people expect to see large and middle sized dogs. The Chihuahuas are friendly and jovial dogs. Referring to the characteristic mentioned above, it is obvious that these little creatures are the perfect company dogs.
    A Chihuahua is best kept inside, even though they are resistant to cold winter temperatures. In order to achieve a nice and tame dog time and attention will be required, but their intelligence and joviality make them the ideal companion in e very short amount of time. Chihuahuas do not like it, when left alone and require a lot of affection.
    Recommended owners are elderly people, or people who are alone for longer periods of time and love to spend it with animals. Young families, by this I mean families in witch young children and babies live are not to be recommended a Chihuahua dog, because as well dog as child are very vulnerable.